A viral Twitter thread wants to know if you’ve got what it takes to be Beyoncé’s assistant

Beyoncé. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)
Beyoncé. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town - A viral Twitter thread is asking whether you’ve got what it takes to be the assistant of one of the world’s most celebrated pop stars.

A series of "choose-your-own-adventure" Twitter threads has taken the platform by storm, with one thread asking a very important question: could you make it a day as Beyoncé’s assistant without getting fired?

The thread went viral over the weekend as people tried to navigate a series of tough decisions in order to keep their job as Beyoncé’s assistant, Time reports.

Your first task: choose what to serve Queen Bey for breakfast – and if your answer is "five-star breakfast", you’re already fired.

Other questions included, "How do you handle the paparazzi?" and "Where should she go to get ready for an event?"

The mastermind behind the cheeky thread is Landon Rivera from Los Angeles in the US who said he spent about five hours writing and building the thread because he was making up the questions as he went along, Buzzfeed News reports.

"It’s pretty much divided off common logic and some Beyoncé trivia," said the student and freelance graphic designer.

Landon said he’d seen a similar thread a year ago but it wasn’t detailed and added that he’d never seen one based on pop culture.

"I know more than enough about Beyoncé, so I decided, why not make it about working with her?"

The 19-year-old said he didn’t expect the thread to blow up the way it did, with thousands of people participating – even celebrities such as model Chrissy Teigen got involved, Grazia reports.

"This is amazing and really well done. I got fired about 3 in," Chrissy wrote, adding, "My own assistant just got fired on the very first question."

It’s unclear if Queen Bey herself has seen the thread.

"I hope she’d laugh and not be too offended," Landon said.

"Especially since I kind of twisted her persona to be a clichéd celebrity."

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