Blood & Water director on the success of the show: ‘It feels like a dream come true’

Nosipho Dumisa on set of Blood & Water. (PHOTO: Mosa Hlophe)
Nosipho Dumisa on set of Blood & Water. (PHOTO: Mosa Hlophe)
Mosa Hlophe

Netflix’s second original African series has become an international streaming success just days after it was released on the platform.

The teen drama with a mystery at its core was written and directed by Nosipho Dumisa, Daryne Joshua and Travis Taute.

It explores the issue of human trafficking and delves into the lives of those affected.

Speaking to YOU, Nosipho expressed disbelief as the show’s success.

“I struggle to find words to express the feeling,” she said.

“We wanted to reach the globe and hopefully move the industry towards being able to reach the globe as well.

“So many people have responded so positively towards Blood & Water it feels incredible. It feels like a dream come true, a dream I didn’t necessarily believe would always come true.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re so grateful to South Africans for getting behind the show.”

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The story has garnered widespread attention for its cast, which includes Ama Qamata, Gail Nkoane Mabalane and Khosi Ngema, and relatability.

Nosipho said the concept came from shocking abduction statistics.

“What we know we do best is we work with genre and we know how to build tension, so we wanted to be able to do that but we wanted to tell a story of loss and trauma after an abduction in a young adult world in a way that would also feel aspirational,” she said.

“At the time of conception the statistic was something like every five hours a child goes missing in South Africa. That statistic was shocking to us. To think about how many families would go through something like that, specifically in Cape Town, we wanted to be able to tell that story but tell it from the perspective of a young girl.

“From the perspective of a young teenager who has agency and wants to be the one to investigate and wants to be the one to solve things.”

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Fans of the show have cited similarities to the story of Zephany Nurse, who was also abducted as a baby and only found by her biological family many years later.

“I think the most important thing to know about Blood & Water is that it’s fiction, it’s all fiction,” said Nosipho when asked about the similarities.

“The thing that’s sad for me is that a story like this is so relatable to so many people, that it’s an experience that so many people have had to go through.

“It speaks to what many stories do, which is to reflect upon society and to reflect upon the lives we live.

“As writers we draw on society, we draw on our own lives, we draw on our own experiences, we draw from people we meet and come across, but we draw on our own imaginations as well.

“And then we hope to tell stories that will affect people and that truly they can see themselves in those stories, and then hopefully whether it’s starting a conversation or it’s in some way moving towards healing or in just being entertained for some people,” she says.

Blood & Water is available for streaming on Netflix.