Chad Saaiman on his life changes since his near-death experience in 2011: ‘Each day is a blessing’

Chad Saaiman performing at KDay 2020. (Photo: Gallo Images)
Chad Saaiman performing at KDay 2020. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Chad Saaiman has a new lease of life.

In June 2011 the Cape Town singer was shot in the stomach while trying to get away in an attempted hijacking in Johannesburg on his way back home from church.

Now, nearly a decade later, though fully recovered, it’s still a time the singer says he’ll never forget and he’s since made changes.

“After having a near-death experience in 2011, I’ve put in place a lifestyle filled with different forms of movement that affect me positively in not only the physical but also mental space,” Chad tells YOU.  

He believes he came out of the experience a victor, and chooses not to live in fear.

“It’s an experience that will live with me forever. I felt like I was reborn to live life differently and have done so ever since. Each day is a blessing,” he says.

The singer and radio host says each day often consists of a lot of admin for him.

In between attending his to emails, creating content for social media and writing songs, he understands the importance of taking a break to decompress, he says. Chad takes a break by reading a book, but most importantly he never forgets his morning “out-of-bed ritual” of praying before he starts anything to show gratitude for another day.

Here are some changes Chad has made in his life:

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“I read books about calmness, longevity, and great business stories. I also love a good series in the evening to destress and disconnect from the day's work.”

Move more

“Running, gym when it was open, home workouts, and even sunset walks. I also have a morning stretch, and do sit-ups and push-ups.”

Healthy eating

“I’ve adopted the habit of paying attention to what I eat, while maintaining a healthy balance. I try to watch my carb intake and avoid sugar, dairy, and starch a few days a week. But I do snack when watching a Netflix series or on weekends. I have a morning shot that includes apple cider vinegar, turmeric, lemon, and honey, followed by a black americano."

After having lived in Johannesburg for four years, Chad made his move back to Cape Town and has been residing there for five years now where he continues to grow his career.

Chad has continued working on new music, hosts his radio show on Goodhope FM and ventures into business. All of these are strides that he hopes his 10-year-old daughter, Summer, will look up to and receive a better life-experience from.