From spending lockdown together to meeting the family: We catch up with Bachelor SA’s Marc and Marisia

Marc and Marisia (Photos: Intstgram/@marcbuckner)
Marc and Marisia (Photos: Intstgram/@marcbuckner)

It’s nearly six months into their relationship now and the smitten couple have taken their relationship to the next level.

Following the official announcement of season two’s couple of the Bachelor SA, we caught up with Marc Buckner and Marisia van Wyk to chat about their newfound love.

How long have you been in lockdown together?

Marc Buckner: “It’s actually helped us . . . we’ve grown as a couple quite quickly because we wouldn't have been living together at this stage although it might not be permanent. I suppose if you can survive this, especially when it’s so stressful for everyone, then it shows that the relationship would work. If you can make it through this, you can make it through anything.”

Who initiated the idea of being in lockdown together?

Marisia: “I said to Marc that there’s no point in me staying and self-isolating by myself in my apartment. This is the time to actually work on our relationship and he agreed and we kind of just decided to do it from there and it’s been wonderful.”

Marc went on to add that he felt that they’ve been able to build trust in their relationship through staying together during these uncertain times.

What does your daily routine look like?

The couple are making this time “as fun as it can be” given the circumstances of lockdown.

Their day consists of watching lots of movies and series – even though Marisia ends up sleeping through most of the movies – after putting in their hours of work. Marisia’s day starts at 3am with online classes and Marc sleeps until it’s exercise time for him.

“Who’s cooking?” and “what’s for dinner?” are the couple’s everyday questions.

How does it feel to finally explore your love for each other off-camera?

Marc: “Now it feels real . . . this is how it would be, this is what we wanted. It’s back to normality without anyone else around. We spend so much time together, we’ve learnt a lot about each other, we know that we can live together, we are suited. It was definitely the right choice. We’re still getting to know each other because really the show was just finding out if we are compatible and then starting a relationship from there and that’s where we are now. It’s still early stages for both of us.”

How’s the bond between Marc’s mother and Marisia?

Marc: “She was very interested in Marisia, she loved her from the moment she met her. They get along very well, they’ve shared numbers, we’ve met for dinners before we had the lockdown, they chat regularly.”

Marisia: “Marc’s mom and I have a WhatsApp group that he’s not a part of,” she jokes. “We get along really well . . . she's like a mom to me too.”

Addressing the “submissive girl” tag

Marc: “We have our arguments and it's a great thing. She is very strong-willed . . .”

Marisia: “I’m stubborn. I’m a soft-hearted person but I do voice my opinions and I don’t hold back. I don’t think Marc ever wants a submissive person, he wants a partner who will challenge him, someone who isn’t scared of who they are. He encourages me to be who I am and he’s so supportive of that person. I’m really happy in this relationship knowing that I’m encouraged by him to become better and better and regardless of that he celebrates my individually.”

What hopes do you have for your relationship?

Marc: “I’m really hoping to move into a house and Marisia has already looked into another dog, another furry child, and also there’s a lot of travel. With everything that’s going on, it’s so hard to plan anything but that’s what I’d like to do as soon as this lockdown is over. First thing is a trip away and maybe move into a house.”

First travel destination after lockdown?

Marisia: “Lesotho, I want to take him to Lesotho. Hopefully, it will be winter so maybe we can see some snow. I really want to take him [there], that’s one of my favourites in Africa.”