Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are reportedly experiencing marital woes

Justin and Hailey are reportedly going through a rough patch. (photo: Getty/Gallo images)
Justin and Hailey are reportedly going through a rough patch. (photo: Getty/Gallo images)

Cape Town - Justin Bieber’s personal struggles seem to be taking a toll on his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin.

The newlyweds are reportedly going through a hard time amid Justin’s battle with depression, Cosmopolitan reports.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Justin’s friends are concerned about his relationship with Hailey, adding that the pair are experiencing trust issues.

"Justin has been very depressed and seeking private counselling and treatment and relying on his faith," the insider said.

"He’s in Canada and has isolated himself. He feels like he’s treated like an animal everywhere he goes and there are always people around or paparazzi in bushes trying to take pictures of him."

The Biebs opened up to his more than 10 million followers on Instagram this past weekend, asking them to pray for him.

But Beliebers shouldn’t panic just yet! According to the insider, Hailey (22) and Justin (25) are committed to working things out.

"Hailey isn’t going to leave Justin and he won’t leave her either.

"He still wants and needs her to be his wife and she wants to support him, but it’s hard when he’s going through all of this."

Hailey is reportedly a big motivator as Justin gets help, reports Elle.

"He wants to be the best possible husband for Hailey.

"It’s one thing to have your issues when you’re single, but when you’re married, there’s two people’s happiness at stake. He’s working on himself so that he can be a good partner to her."

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