Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway on winning Tropika Island of Treasure: ‘We just complemented each other’

Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway (Photo: Instagram/@thelagerway)
Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway (Photo: Instagram/@thelagerway)

It’s official! Social media influencer Nadia Jaftha and athlete and motivational speaker Trevor Lagerway are the winners of SABC3’s Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao. 

Each bagged half a million rand in last night’s finale.

Speaking to YOU, Nadia (27) and Trevor (34) expressed their joy.

“I’m pretty excited. It was a cool journey,” Trevor tells us.

“I mean my family and Daniella my wife knew [that I’d won] in December. They were just over the moon. Because of the time difference they were going to bed and we were just starting, so she’s like waiting to try and find out what’s happening. Me out in the middle of nowhere. When I phoned her she was just over the moon.

“Because it’s been lockdown it’s been a crazy, crazy situation. It’s taken a little bit of the joy and excitement away from the experience. “

Nadia agrees it was incredible to win.

“I was in disbelief for a good five seconds. I was feeling excitement, anxiety and complete euphoria. A feeling I can’t describe. A feeling that will stay with me for the rest of my life,” she said.

The pair have a strong bond and say the competition on the Dutch Caribbean island really solidified that bond.

Trevor explained his decision to pick Nadia as his celebrity partner.

“In the speed dating she said to me she’s hard-working, she’s resilient, if she puts her mind to something she goes after it 100%. She won’t complain even if times are tough so that was definitely something that stood out to me.

“We worked really well together, we just complemented each other. She didn’t give up and I pushed her because I’m competitive. So I kept pushing and she kept up. When it came to certain elements that I maybe wasn’t the greatest at she then covered [me] and vice versa. “

The pair hit a bump in the road when Nadia got the team disqualified just before the “recoupling”, but Trevor would have none of it, and chose Nadia as his teammate once again.

“The challenge before the recoupling, she didn’t do so well in the challenge and so she was really worried that because of that I wasn’t going to choose her again. But besides that challenge, she’s really pulled her weight,” he said.

Nadia said not knowing who her teammate was before the choosing really played a crucial role.

“Not knowing who your partner is plays a massive role. If you’re sitting with a partner, say now you’re a really good swimmer but your partner isn’t, then your partner is obviously going to carry you through,” she said.

“Fortunately enough for me Trevor chose me. I honestly thought he would’ve gone with another strong male because it just makes sense.

“But for some reason he chose me, and he chose me twice. Even after I messed up, I got us disqualified.

“He’s a good example of when people are just good people and they want to be around good people. Trevor has a massive heart, I have a big heart and I think both of us knew we had good intentions and it was just easy for us to connect. And that came through in the games.”

The pair say they thoroughly enjoyed the competition and shared some of their highlights.

“The challenges in general for me,” Trevor says. “I’m so outdoorsy [so] being in the water was absolutely awesome. The whole experience was great, the specific highlights would be playing the challenges and immersing myself. And meeting and hanging out with all the people.”

The competition was difficult for Nadia but she thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The overall experience was very much challenging [but] it was rewarding in its own ways. I cried a lot, I injured myself, I got stung by a jelly fish,” she said.

“Actually winning for me it was a big deal. It was a personal achievement in my own capacity and that’s something that will stay with me forever. “