Rumours swirl as Palace calls in staff for a ‘big’ announcement

PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images
PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images

Cape Town - A rumoured announcement from Buckingham Palace has royal watchers’ knickers in a knot.

The palace staff were summoned to the Queen’s London residence on Friday for a “big meeting”, according to The Daily Star.

“They are set to release a statement from Kensington Palace later on, but if it is not released today it will be on Monday,” a source told the publication.

Naturally, the news caused a furore, with many speculating Prince Harry (31) would announce his engagement to girlfriend of over a year, Meghan Markle (36).

Indeed, the insider added: “I think the announcement will be about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, but we will have to wait and see.”

The flame-haired prince has long been expected to pop the question to the LA-born Suits actress – especially after he introduced her to the Queen (91) last month.

Thursday, The Evening Standard reported the BBC “is primed for a royal announcement.”

“Rumours are flying around town that the engagement of Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle is imminent, possibly even in the next few hours.” 

But editor of Royal Central, Charlie Proctor, says the meeting might not mean something quite so exciting.

“It is also worth noting that these meetings could be completely trivial such as a meeting to discuss the annual staff Christmas party,” he tweeted.

“It is understood this could be to do with The Queen spending more time at Windsor Castle as opposed to the Palace,” he added. “This would be news that would impact all staff.”

The last time the Queen made a public announcement, it was to reveal that her husband Prince Philip (96) was retiring from public life.

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