Supermodel Gigi Hadid shuts down body-shaming trolls

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

Cape Town - Gigi Hadid slammed internet trolls who called her ‘too skinny’.

Shortly after walking in two shows at the 2018 New York Fashion Week, the 22-year-old supermodel took to Twitter on Sunday evening to hit back at trolls who criticised her fluctuating weight.

The Victoria's Secret model revealed she suffers from Hashimoto’s disease – a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland in the front of the neck that has an important role in regulating metabolic processes in the body.  

"For those of you so determined to come up with why my body has changed over the years, you may not know that when I started at 17 I wasn’t yet diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease; those of you who called me ‘too big for the industry’ were seeing inflammation and water retention due to that," an emotional Gigi wrote.

“Over the last few years I’ve been properly medicated to help symptoms including those, as well as extreme fatigue, metabolism issues, the body’s ability to retain heat, etc . . .

“I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out.”

Gigi, who’s currently dating singer Zayn Malik, went on to explain why her weight often changes.

“Although stress and excessive travel can also affect the body, I have always eaten the same, my body just handles it differently now that my health is better.

“I may be ‘too skinny’ for you, honestly this skinny isn’t what I want to be, but I feel healthier internally and am still learning and growing with my body every day, as everyone is,” she wrote.

The blonde beauty then encouraged online users to stop judging one another and show more empathy.

“Please, as social media users and human beings in general, learn to have more empathy for others and know that you never really know the whole story.”

“Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those you don’t,” Gigi pleaded with her body-shamers. 


After her heartfelt post, the model’s fans flocked to her comments section to lend their full support to her.

“Gigi it’s so sad that in this day and age we still feel like we need to defend the way we look, what we eat or don’t eat,” said one user.

“I have so much respect for this. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was around 10 years old. I have faced so much scrutiny from family members and peers who didn’t understand the trials it puts your body through,” said another.