WATCH: Mariah Carey just took the bottle cap challenge to a whole new level!

Mariah Carey (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Mariah Carey (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)

After taekwondo fighter Farabi Davletchin kicked off the bottle cap challenge on 25 June – which was then taken up by other celebs – songstress Mariah Carey thought she’d join in on the fun and oh boy, did she knock it out of the park, Vulture reports.

While the likes of mixed martial artist Max Holloway, singer John Mayer and actor Jason Statham showed off their kickboxing skills, the Endless Love hitmaker put a spin on the viral challenge by mastering it with the best thing she’s known for – her voice.

Breaking into her famous five-octave vocal range, Mariah shared an impressive clip on Twitter with her fans.

“Challenge accepted! #bottletopchallenge,” she captioned the post.

In the video, the legendary songstress, dressed in a form form-fitting black dress, pulls off a hilarious jiujitsu move before breaking into a piercing scream that ultimately sends the bottle cap flying.

The viral challenge calls for people to place a bottle with a loosely screwed-on cap on a solid surface and then trying to twist the cap off without using their hands, Fox News reports.

So, it’s only fair that the 49-year-old be crowned the bottle cap challenge winner – after all her vocal range remains unmatched!