Where are they now: Idols finalist Lloyd Cele on prioritising family during lockdown

Lloyd Cele (Photo: Gallo/Oupa Bopape)
Lloyd Cele (Photo: Gallo/Oupa Bopape)

Lloyd Cele is putting his family’s safety and wellbeing first during the pandemic.

The award-winning singer is among the many entertainers whose livelihoods have been affected by the lockdown.

Although times have been tough, the former SA Idols contestant is grateful he’s been afforded more time to spend with his family and to share his great passion for music with his three kids, Levi (11), Zoey (8) and Kingsley (2).  

“My family is the reason I get up every day and put a smile on my face despite not having gigs or events,” Lloyd tells YOU. 

“They are my anchor, my hope, my joy, and my strength in this season.”

Every evening for 15 minutes, the Cele family go out on the balcony to sing some tunes for themselves and their neighbours.

“[The neighbours] love it; they come out to join us. We’re doing the little we can to help us and our neighbours stay strong and hopeful to be able to get through this.”

“We even write songs together and sing around the piano to my new single, Lonke uThando.

“I’m grateful for life and in this season I have realigned and prioritised the importance of family,” Lloyd says.

Apart from lifting their spirits with music, the family have been bonding by doing indoor as well as outdoor activities, from playing board and videogames, doing some fun home renovations and having dinner nights around the table together to taking family walks.  

“There’s never a dull day in my house. I’ve come to realise my one purpose is to be the best husband and dad I can be. We are so much closer and stronger as a family.

“We have moments that make you want to pull out your hair but more to be grateful for.”

In an interview with YOU a few years ago, Lloyd and his wife, Janice (35), who’s also his manager, revealed how they’ve kept their marriage strong.

“Putting God first, loving and trusting each other, putting each other before friends and family, and having someone you’re accountable to,” Janice says.

“Also, you need to constantly be transparent with each other, and keep finding ways to fall in love with each other all over again to keep the flame burning.

“You need to be willing to compromise and be prepared to accept you aren’t always right. Honesty is also vital, as well as keeping your partner in higher esteem than yourself.”

The pair, who’ve been married for 13 years, make it a point of reminding each other how much they love each other.

Here’s a look at some of the activities the Cele’s have been up to during the lockdown: