‘I broke lockdown rules to visit my boyfriend – only to discover I’m the side-chick’

 Illustration (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Illustration (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

A night of romance took a drastic turn when this man’s other girlfriend showed up unexpectedly.

Ande* has been with her boyfriend Mxolisi* for 11 months now. She recently decided to bend the lockdown rules by visiting her beau.

But what the 32-year-old Ande, from Durban, didn’t know was that she’s the side-chick in this set-up – her boyfriend’s been in a relationship with another woman for the past two years.

This is her story.

I broke lockdown rules to visit my boyfriend – only to be caught by his girlfriend! I’m distraught! I took a taxi from South Beach in Durban to Umlazi to sleep over at my boyfriend's place.

I arrived at his place and we spent some quality time together. We had our supper and well, you know, did a couple of other things that lovers usually do.

As usual, he fell asleep before me. Suddenly there was a really loud knock on the door. It sounded like the person on the other side already knew I was there because the knock was really aggressive and the person demanded to be let inside.

Eventually, my boyfriend got up and opened the door and it was another woman. I suspect that someone in the neighbourhood alerted her that I was there.

Instead of letting her in, he stepped out and locked me inside to try to convince her to go home. She refused and insisted on coming inside, saying, “I always come here why aren’t you letting me in today? I was here just the other day, why aren’t you letting me in?”

I only caught parts of their conversation because I eventually went into the bedroom and they were in the living room but he kept pulling her away – I guess so that I didn’t hear what he was saying to her.

Eventually, when I couldn’t hear anything I thought he’d convinced her to go home – she’d showed up wearing her nightgown.

After about an hour-and-a-half my boyfriend came back into the bedroom and said that she was still in the house. She didn’t want to leave until I’d left.

I desperately wanted to leave but couldn’t because he’d locked me in. Eventually, he locked the other woman in a different room and then came back to unlock mine. That’s how I was able to call an Uber and go home.

From what the girl was saying it turns out I’m actually the side-chick. When they were arguing, she said something like, “How could you do this to me after two years?” I’ve only been with him for 11 months..

He’s now trying to make excuses, saying things like, “I love you, she’s not that important, she’s just another girl.”

But I’m feeling numb with shock. I really didn’t know he had another girlfriend. I used to spend entire weekends with him and I never noticed anything. I’ve been to his place so many times and there was nothing suspicious I picked up. He played his cards quite well.

*Names changed to protect identities.

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