This is the queen’s biggest pet peeve – and it’s unavoidable!

Queen Elizabeth. (Photo: Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you ever bump into Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, here’s one thing you should never do.

Her Majesty has a long history of public appearances and meeting international dignitaries. But there’s just one thing she cannot stand when entering a room full of people – and that’s being met with awkward silence.

Contrary to popular belief, the 94-year-old monarch is shy by nature. She finds it difficult to deal with the "hush" reaction she receives when she steps into a room full of guests, The Sun reports.

Royal author Adam Helliker reveals the queen would love to slip into a room without being noticed.

"One summer day she asked me to join her on a walk at Balmoral," Adam says. "She talked about how irritating it was to go into a party and, as she put it, watch people peel away, like the water parting as the bow of a ship ploughed through it."

The queen, who has been voted Britain’s favourite royal family member, sometimes wished she wasn’t greeted with the "inevitable hush".