Here’s why he should always pay on the first date

PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images
PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images

It’s one of those awkward moments before the end of the first date.

No, not that back and forth interaction that leaves you wondering if he’ll kiss you or not.

Rather, that anxious moment when the bill arrives and you don’t know whether to pretend-reach for your purse or sit back and have him swipe his way into your heart.

Well, ladies, we reckon he should cough up on date number one, while you relax without a tinge of guilt.

Here’s why.

He actually wants to pay

According to relationship experts Marni Battista and Bernardo Mendez, it’s generally best for men to pay on a first date, even at a time where many women out-earn their male counterparts.


Because men feel satisfied and accomplished when they’ve been given the opportunity to provide for their lady (even when she’s not officially his lady yet).

“Even a guy who doesn’t make much money, if he really likes you, will try to impress you to the utmost that he can,” Battista tells Time.

It doesn’t make you any less of an established woman

Sitting back and having him pay the bill on the first date, or walking through a door a guy holds open for you doesn’t make you any less of an independent woman.

So why not just enjoy some old-school mannerisms when they come your way?

As women, we’re so quick to complain when a guy is being a total douche. Are we really going to whine when he’s trying to be a gentleman too?

No money = no honey

If he can’t afford to take you on a date, why did he ask you out in the first place?

A man who invites you to a fancy restaurant obviously took the cost into consideration. So trust him, he knows what he’s doing.

Although, it should be said, some guys do invite women on expensive dates with the intention of landing a free meal.

Those are a different case all on their own.

Practice being courted – it’s what you want anyway

Just as with our female caveman ancestors, we actually like it when our male partner is the provider.

Having a man cover the tab on the first date isn’t only sexy, but shows that if he’s willing to see to you when he hardly even knows you, he’ll definitely provide for you once you’re his woman.

You won’t be indebted to him (if you know what we mean)

There shouldn’t be an expectancy of you to repay him in any way he chooses.

If that’s your reason for refusing to let him pay, you seriously need to sit down and introspect about your choice in men.

Your turn will come

Girl, it’s the first date. It’s not as if the man offered to pay your bills, bond and take you shopping just because.

So when there’s a next time, you can step up and treat him. That way you show your man-to-be that you’re not simply in it for the joyride.

He’ll certainly appreciate the gesture.


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