Mom receives backlash for not inviting bully to children’s party

PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images
PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images

The bully tried to suffocate her child by pulling a rope around their neck, smashed their victim’s face into a pavement and blocked them from using the restroom during breaks.

These are three of the many reasons a concerned mother has decided to exclude her child’s classmate from birthday parties, Daily Record reports.

But instead of being praised for defending her child against the bully, other moms have lashed out against the woman for excluding one child while inviting all the other classmates to a birthday party.

"Those of you who say never exclude any child from a class party, not even one and not even if they are a bully – you're wrong," the unknown mother wrote on Mumsnet.

"My child was bullied so severely from nursery up to third year at secondary, that children have been excluded and have criminal records for GBH and more."

The woman elaborated on how her child’s relentless bullying began.

"It started in nursery, with hitting, spitting, shoving and not letting anyone speak to my child.

"By reception it had moved to excluding my child and pushing them off seats in the dinner hall.”

But things became considerably worse, reports, and the devastated mother made a shocking revelation.

"Then it moved to an attack with a rope. The child concerned was four years old and put a skipping rope around my child’s neck, said they wanted to kill my child, and pulled tight.

"My child came home with marks on their neck. They were also being pushed into pebble dashed walls so that they had scrapes on their back and face."

Feeling helpless, the mother decided to remove her child from the school.

Things were just getting better, when the bully and their victim started attending the same secondary school.

Older, but none the wiser, the bully continued their torment.

"Smashing my child's face into the pavement and videoing it and putting it on Facebook and SnapChat.

"Refusing to let my child into the toilets at break and lunch.

"Attacking my child outside school and hitting and kicking them (again, videoed).

"Not letting my child eat lunch, deliberately destroying lunch.

"Videoing my child getting changed for PE and sharing via Snapchat.

"Sexually assaulting my child and putting that on Snapchat.

"Multiple attempts to set my child on fire including one with a flamethrower improvised from a can of deodorants and lighter (on CCTV).”

And for those wondering what the distraught parent did about the ongoing abuse, she had this to add:

"Yes we went to the police.

"Yes we worked with the school. Yes it’s been through the justice system and yes people were held accountable but please.”

But after the suffering her child had to endure, she was not going to allow the perpetrator anywhere near her kid.

“Don't tell me that no child should be excluded from a party.

"Seriously no way would I be having my child's bully anywhere next or near them."

Despite the mom’s heartbreaking story, other women still lashed out at her, with one even claiming sympathy for the bully.

"Surely the answer is to change schools rather than concern yourself with party invites?" one asked.

While another shockingly added: "I just wouldn't deliberately exclude one child from a whole class party whatever they'd done. We are talking about primary aged children here and bullies, like it or not, have often suffered or are suffering themselves.

"I'm not being a bleeding heart about it, if I was that mum my rage would be murderous but I still wouldn't sanction excluding just one."

But the victim’s mother is sticking to her guns.                                              

"No way ever would I have the child who bullied mine at a party. Never ever."


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